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Compulsory insurance

As an international student in France, you are required to take out several types of insurance.

Health insurance

Social security in France : since September 2018, French social security is free and recommended for foreign students studying in France more than 3 month with a student VISA.
But we highly recommend to subscribe a private health insurance for the whole duration of the stay in the home country before arriving in France.

What documents are required for registration ?

  • proof of regsitration of the current academic year
  • proof of identity
  • student visa
  • bank account (for the reimbursment of health expenses and medication) french or international one
  • attending physician statement
Those documents have to be downloaded directly on the French social security website.
In the meantime, student will have to create an account and he will receive by email an attestation with a social security number.

We would strongly recommend that you complement this national health insurance scheme with a complementary health insurance to get the remaining 30% refunded.

If the student stays in France for more than 6 months, he or she can request the Carte Vitale or a definitive certificate of rights (which replaces the provisional certificate). In this case, he will have to return to his health insurance account and download the following documents to obtain the cate vitale :
  • proof of civil status (full copy of birth certificate with filiation or any document issued by a consulate, family record book, marriage certificate) accompanied by a translation if possible
  • resident permit

In case of change of contact information (address, phone number, email) it is necessary to inform the health insurance. To do so, you can go directly to the CPAM office at the address below :

Assurance Maladie de Maine-et-Loire  
32 Rue Louis Gain
49937 ANGERS Cedex 9

If you have any questions, you can also contact them at 36.46 (monday to friday : 8h30 - 17h30).

Third-party insurance

All students also need a third-party insurance (about 12/24 € per year)

Home insurance policy

Taking out a home insurance policy from a French insurance company or bank is a legal obligation, whether you stay with a family, in a hall of residence or any other type of rented accommodation (about 40-70 € per year).