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How to obtain your student visa

Before your arrival

Foreigners wishing to travel to France need a visa.
You should apply for it before leaving your home country at the French Consulate or Embassy.

The type of visa required depends on the duration and purpose of your stay.

You will need to complete the required formalities with Campus France at least 2 months before leaving home. For further information, contact the visa department of the French Consulate of your home country.

If you wish to extend your study period in France at a later date, you may renew your long-stay visa or residence permit. You can now do it online on "Etrangers en France" website.

VISA validation

Once you have a 6-month or one-year visa : within the first three months following your arrival, you must register and validate your visa on "Etrangers en France" website.

This quick and simple process will ensure that you are registered as a legal resident in France in order to complete your relocation.

You will need to provide :
  • a valid email adress
  • your visa information
  • the date on which you entered France
  • your home adress in France
  • your credit card details in order to pay a fee online for
    the issurance of your residence permit.
If you fail to validate your visa within the first three months following your arrival, you will no longer be considered a legal resident in France and will be unable to re-enter the Schengen Area.

Visa renewal

Applications for renewal of residence permits are now made online on "Etrangers en France" website.

This concerns : 
  • applications from students whose VLS-TS expires
  • applications from students whose "student" residence permit expires
There is no longer any need to pick up a file at the Prefecture and make an appointment.
Once the application has been made on the website, the Prefecture will make an appointment to come and collect the residence permit.
In case of questions, a telephone permanence is available at, Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9.15 to 12.30am
It is also possible to contact the Prefecture at the following email address: