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Courses for teachers & future FFL teachers

You are a (future) teacher of French as a foreign language. You wish to enrich your teaching and discover innovative pedagogical practices ?

Pedagogical distance learning

We offer pedagogical training modules that can be entirely carried out at distance, with personalised pedgogical support. 

In partnership with the DIDIER publishing group, these training modules in the didactics of French as a foreign language are based on the know-how and experience of the CIDEF pedagogical team and on the creation of padagogical materials published by the CIDEF team. 

You have choice of 8 modules.

At the end of each module, which lasts 5 weeks, you have the possibility to obtain :
  • a "Course completion Certificate" (90 €)
  • or a "Certificate of Competence" (140 €)
Good plan ! The validation of 7 modules (Certificates of Competences) + 100 hours of a professional experience allows you to obtain the University Diploma in Pedagogical Tools and Practices for French as a Foreign Language.

Dates, registration & modalities

8 modules (you must complete 7 modules to be awarded the Diploma)

- Planning a teaching session
- Building up learnong dynamics
- Teaching grammar
- Becoming acquainted with learning strategies
- Learning how to assess
- Teaching phonetics
- 2 electives to be chosen among : Teanching French with specific purposes or Learning languages by playing