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Tailor-made courses for groups

Tailor-made French classes and customized excursions for groups

CIDEF offers French language and culture courses from beginners (A1) to advanced (C1) level including a number of language classes adapted to each level.

Whether you are a teacher, educator or in charge of a group, CIDEF gives you the opportunity to customize your programme with tailor-made courses, activities and excursions specifically designed to meet the specific needs of your group of students.

Your group of students may either follow the standard CIDEF** classes or a tailor-made course* that you will have designed with our help.

All students receive individual support and have access to the university library and our online educational platform.

How does it work?

  1. Set up your group of students
  2. Choose your dates
  3. Select a programme among the courses offered or according to your needs
  4. Specify your choice of cultural activities, excursions, accommodation and catering solutions
  5. Contact us

Non-exhaustive list of courses offered

  • Language: listening comprehension, written comprehension, spoken skills, composition, phonetics, grammar, vocabulary…
  • Specific purposes: fashion, tourism, business, translation into French or English …
  • Culture: history, art history, music history, 19th or 20th literature, French political system, European political system, theology, philosophy, socio-cultural studies…

* A minimum of 12 students is requested for all tailor-made classes.
** Please note that no standard courses are taught in June.