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Academic year: October-June

Flexible course duration

At CIDEF, you may choose to study either for just one term, one semester or a full academic year. You will choose from a range of courses depending upon your current language level, and complement classes with cultural visits and excursions.

Academic schedule

End of January
Beginning of June
Beginning of June


At the end of each term or semester, you will receive a Certificat de langue et culture françaises, mentioning your language level and the number of contact hours.

At the end of the academic year (= two full semesters), you will be awarded a Diplôme d'Université de langue et culture françaises.

Language courses

After taking a French language assessment test, you will join a language course corresponding to your language level (from level A1 to level C1 of the CEFR – the Common European Framework of Reference for languages).
Classes aim to improve your general oral and written skills in French (comprehension and production), and further develop your command of the language (grammar, vocabulary and phonetics).

How many French classes per week?

The number of French classes per week depends on your language level.

A1 A2 B1.1 B1.2 B2 C1
9 h/week 9 h/week 9 h/week 6 h/week 6 h/week 6 h/week

About 20 students per French language class.
Additionally, you can choose from several optional courses, depending on your language level, the current term or semester, your areas of interest, personal needs or academic requirements. Each optional course represents 3 contact hours per week.
(Some optional courses may not be offered from one semester to the next).

CIDEF offers a variety of optional courses:
  • French language
  • French for specific purposes
  • French culture

Course curriculum

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