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What are our strong points ?

Having gained recognition with the “Label Qualité FLE” (FFL quality label), CIDEF is strongly committed to continually improving the quality of its teaching. .

CIDEF was first granted the “FFL quality label” in 2011 and obtained the renewal of this award in December 2015 and 2019.

With 3 stars at the 5 domains (the “stars” are a rating system), CIDEF ranks among the very best French learning centres in terms of student welcome, facilities, management, training programmes and the quality of its teachers.

An exceptional work environment

CIDEF has classrooms equipped with IWB (interactive whiteboards), a computer room accessible to all, workspaces and a common room specifically for international students.

The various facilities and support services (library, catering, accommodation and healthcare) are all easily available on campus while CIDEF’s management team, secretariat and teachers attend to each student individually, offering advice and support to meet their every need and expectations.

A highly supportive atmosphere

Our qualified, experienced and energetic teachers deliver high quality teaching and focus on maximizing the full potential of each student. Students also have the opportunity to have individual meetings with academic tutors.

The language proficiency test helps to assess each student’s personal needs. Continuous assessment and the final examination provide evidence of the language ability and progress achieved at the end of the course.

Preparation programmes for various certificates are available for international students who wish to increase their chances of a successful outcome.

Respecting others

Our premises are accessible to people with disabilities and the university’s disability support service is open to everyone.
All students are welcomed with respect for their individual differences. We offer confidential advice to international students with specific needs.

Discovering French culture

For a total language immersion, CIDEF gives you the opportunity to have an evening meal every now and then or to stay full-time with a host family.

Excursions, outings and cultural activities supervised by French instructors are organized in the surroundings of Angers, Anjou and North-western France.
The “BEC” (Bureau d’échanges culturels) is responsible for helping international students meet French students socially.

Please contact the BEC