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Learn more about local culture

During the academic year and summer months, CIDEF organises visits and cultural events. The programme varies throughout the year.

Awaken your taste buds with the atelier gourmand cookery lesson

Atelier goumand à Angers, découvrez les meilleures recettes de cuisine françaiseSessions are run by a chef in a fully equipped kitchen for 16 participants. Each participant has a working surface, cooking appliance and the necessary cooking utensils. Designed for all levels and tastes, this two-hour class taught in French is an opportunity to learn cooking various recipes such as flambéed prawns with Cointreau, risotto or macaroons.

Which wine for which cheese?

Dégustation de vins d'Anjou et de fromage françaisBecome acquainted with the basics of wine tasting and the traditional, and sometimes surprising pairing of wines with local cheeses. During each session, you will taste quality wines made by local wine growers and traditional French cheeses. This two-hour class taught in French will give you the opportunity to explore French gastronomy.

Visit the Cointreau museum

Visite du musée cointreau à AngersLying in the heart of Anjou, the Carré Cointreau – as the museum and distillery is called –welcomes you to discover the production facilities of its most renowned production: the triple sec liqueur developed by Edouard Cointreau in 1875. The unique recipe of this orange-flavoured liqueur made from dried peels of sweet and bitter orange has been copied in many countries. Visitors to the museum will learn more about the history of Cointreau and the production process, and admire the collection of publicity items and posters by Jean Mercier. At the end of the tour, you will enjoy a free tasting session of the Cointreau products!

Take a gabare trip on the Loire River

Formerly used for the transport of goods, the gabare will take you on the Loire to discover the landscapes and the richness of the Angevin heritage.
Embark on a 2-hour ride along the water, while sipping a drink in the company of the captain of this traditional boat.

The chocolate factory

Dégustation de chocolat artisanalThe two-hour visit will tell you all about the work of chocolate makers You will not only have the opportunity to learn about the different types of chocolate, their texture and flavour, but also to watch the fabrication process of chocolate sculptures by the craftsman themselves.

Cultural events can be entertaining!

étudiante CIDEF Arantxa“We learnt a lot about French tastes during the wine and cheese pairing sessions. The ‘atelier gourmand’ was one of my favourite activities. We cooked flambéed prawns with Cointreau and macaroons. It was just delicious! We learnt many things from the visit to the Carré Cointreau, particularly on the making of the local liqueur.”