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A region prized for its gastronomy

When in Angers, dip into the pleasures of French gastronomy

You can’t explore Angers and the surrounding area without tasting regional products and local specialties: Quernon d’ardoise (a subtle blend of blue chocolate and nougatine), crémet d’Anjou (dessert made of whipped cream and fresh cheese), pâté aux prunes (plum pie), pike perch with beurre blanc sauce and an elegant Anjou white wine... you will love it!

Buy fresh, buy local in Angers

Going to a farmers’ market is a great way to become acquainted with local gastronomy. Enjoy the colours, smells and scents, listen to the local farmers speak passionately about their produce, and buy your own selection of fresh products.

Where are the nearby farmers’ markets?

Grand marché in the town centre: Saturday 8:00 - 13:30 | Place Leclerc, Place Mendès-France and Place Imbach.
Marché Lafayette: Wednesday and Saturday 8:00 - 13:30 | Place Lafayette
• Organic market: Saturday 8:00 - 13:30 | Place Molière
• Marché des Justices: Tuesday, 8:00 - 13:30 | Rue Villesicard

A taste of daily life in Angers

Not only do CIDEF international students like French gastronomy, they love it!

étudiante CIDEF Arantxa"We have tasted delectable wines and cheeses and learnt a lot about what’s palatable to the French! The “Atelier gourmand” was one of my favourite activities. We cooked shrimps flambéed with Cointreau and macarons. It was just delicious!
Arantxa, a CIDEF student

Do you know the fouée?

A flat bun that swells when baked and can be stuffed with goat cheese, rillettes or rillauds (both are preparations of pork meat).
If you’d like to try it, take part in in the Anjou Troglodytique day trip!