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Courses for FFL teachers

CIDEF offers a range of training courses for teachers of French as a foreign language

To further your skills and knowledge of French language and culture, enhance your teaching methods and discover innovative educational practices, CIDEF provides a number of on-site or distance-learning training courses. Such sessions can even be held at your own institution.

Several programmes are available:
  • In-depth language training through attendance of CIDEF’s standard courses (throughout the year or during the summer months)**
  • Tailor-made programmes for specific groups
  • Teacher-training sessions held abroad by CIDEF teachers
These courses focusing on the teaching of French as a foreign language are based on the research work carried out by the LICIA team of the UCO Faculty of Humanities, the know-how and experience of CIDEF educators and the development of educational material they have published (Editions Didier).

All participants receive individual support and have access to the university library and our online educational platform.

How does it work?

  1. Set up your group of students
  2. Choose your dates
  3. Select a programme among the courses offered or according to your needs
  4. Specify your choice of cultural activities, excursions, accommodation and catering solutions
  5. Contact us

Non-exhaustive list of courses offered

  • Advanced French: grammar (B2–C1), academic writing (B2–C1), phonetics (B2–C1)…
  • Advanced knowledge of French culture: current socio-economic realities in France (B2–C1), socio-cultural study (B2–C1) …
  • French off the beaten track: language learning through drama, songs, music, art, gastronomy, the media…
  • Leading edge teaching approaches: new learning strategies and teaching methods, use of IWB (interactive whiteboard), innovative pedagogical practice…

* A minimum of 12 students is requested for all tailor-made classes.
** Please note that no standard courses are taught in June.