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Learning French at CIDEF

Live the French way! Total linguistic immersion, tailor-made classes and excursions

When you learn French at CIDEF, you join a language course and choose from a selection of courses, excursions and activities. You also have the opportunity to prepare for national certificates. But more importantly you learn French through full linguistic immersion.

CIDEF offers French language and culture courses from A1 level (beginner) to C1 level (advanced). Whether you are a student, a jobholder or a retired citizen, you can customize your programme (21h per week) and choose classes adapted to your current language level.

You will be able to benefit from the university library (bibliothèque), an access to our online learning platform (plateforme d’apprentissage en ligne) and customized guidance and support provided by our teachers.

Choose the programme that is best-suited for you :

You may choose to study either for just one term, one semester or a full academic year, select courses adapted to your current language level, and complement your curriculum with cultural visits and excursions.
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Whether in July, August or September, you can enrol on tailor-made courses for one or more weeks and complement your curriculum with cultural visits and excursions.
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You are in charge of a group of more than 12 students? You may either mix your group with the other students, or enrol in a course designed for the specific needs of your group of students.
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You are a teacher of French as a foreign language (FFL) and wish to improve your language skills, acquire further knowledge of French culture or become acquainted with innovative educational methods and practices.
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At the end of each term or semester, you will be receive a Certificat de langue et culture françaises, mentioning your language level and the number of contact hours.

At the end of the academic year (= two full semesters), you will be awarded a Diplôme d'Université de langue et culture françaises.

CIDEF is also an examination centre for TCF certification and help to prepare to DELF and DALF (official national French language examinations). It also prepares for professional language certificates in the fields of tourism and business French.