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University diplomas

CIDEF offers its students 2 university diplomas


This diploma is awarded to students who follow the courses offered from October to June as part of the academic year.
This DU is awarded after each period of courses (term, semester or year) that has been completed in full.
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Thanks to an academic, linguistic and cultural upgrading with the choice between a course in science or humanities, this diploma allows foreign student to enter French higher education.


  • To enable the international student to gain an in-depth understanding of Western culture and more particularly French culture in all its aspects : historical, political, sociological, institutional, legal, artistic, literary, cultural and religious.
  • To offer the student a means of acculturation in order to give him/her every chance of success in French higher education and particularly in the bachelor's degrees offered at he UCO.
  • The combination of courses in French language, French culture, university work methodology and disciplinary options facilitates integration into French higher education.


  • A unique offer in France for the success of foreign students : this innovative training allows foreign students to acquire knowledge and skills equal to those of a French final year student (bac) and thus have the same chances of success in their higher education in France.
  • A progressive orientation to make the best choices : thanks to a generalist core curriculum and a choice of courses (sciences or humanities), students can both consolidate their knowledge of the French language and methodology and begin to specialise in several disciplines.
  • The learning of a methodology essential to higher education : the student acquires the methodological skills necessary for university work, in order to be well prepared for French higher education (personal work, bibliographical research, oral and written presentations, group work, etc...)
  • Individual pedagogical support : a specific follow-up is set up for each student in order to encourage them in their work, help them progress and build their professional project : tutoring and regular meetings with the pedagogical director.

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